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Tabs for Tots

    In 1999, The Elks and Royal Purple Lodges of Alberta started in a new fund-raising program called "Tabs for Tots".
They are collecting pull tabs from pop cans, juice cans, baby formula cans, and any can that has a pull tab opener. They are selling them to a scrap metal company in Alberta and utilizing the funds to purchase much needed equipment for pediatric wards, neonatal units, delivery rooms, children's ward, etc. in Hospitals in Alberta and our B.C. Lodges if they so wish to become involved.

They are working together to improve the life of our newborn children who enter this world with problems and conditions that can be easily treated or corrected, early in their lives, with proper equipment. 

We are asking you to join your local Elks and Royal Purple Lodges in collecting these Tabs to raise these much needed funds, to purchase the equipment. This equipment will be placed in Regional Hospitals. 

The child you help may be a Member of your family or your neighbours family. 

What is it? 
Removing and collecting the pull Tabs from drink cans (pop, beer, juice, etc). 

Why collect them? 
Collect the Tabs and turn them into cash. The Tabs are to be sent to the Foundation Office in Red Deer where they will be sold to a Red Deer scrap metal dealer. They have agreed to purchase them at a premium rate. The monies raised will be used to purchase specialized equipment to be placed in Regional Hospitals throughout the Association. 

How does it work? 
Elks and Royal Purple Lodges will collect the Tabs from functions, friends, family, neighbours, by whatever means. 

The Tabs will than be forwarded on to the Foundation Office, in Red Deer, where a record will be kept of the weight of Tabs sent in by each Lodge. These Tabs will be sold to the scrap metal dealer in Red Deer. 

The dollar value of the tabs will be credited as a donation to the Lodge (ie: 20lbs of Tabs at $0.38/lb = total credit $7.60 donation). 

The funds will be banked and when sufficient funds are in place, equipment will be purchased. This Project was started in 1999 and this will be continued for years to come. Equipment is always required. 

What kinds of equipment? 
Specialized Hospital equipment for infants and young children. These are a few examples: fetal heart monitors; temperature control incubators; equipment for emergency wards and pediatric wards for infants and small children; specialized delivery room equipment. 

Who will decide what equipment is purchased? 
The Committee will be a joint Elks and Royal Purple Ad-Hoc Committee appointed by the incoming Presidents. Recommended Committee consists of five people - one of which is a Member of the Foundation. The Committee will work as a liaison between the Associations and the Hospitals in choosing the equipment and the placement of the equipment. 

What Hospitals will be chosen? 
Regional Hospitals. 

How do we get the Tabs to the Foundation Office? 
Bring them to your District Meeting. Give them to the District Deputy, or the Association Officer. And they will arrange to get them to the Foundation Office. Have a contact person or bring them to the conference Meeting held in June. Cooperation by all parties involved will make this a success project.

Are we restricted to just pull Tabs? 
No, other donations can be made to the Project if a Lodge or individual Members wishes to. 

Note: This is not to replace the regular donations to the Foundation and ISTAR (Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research). This is a new Project over and above. 

Also anyone can participate and be a part of improving the welfare of the Children. 

How do we go about collecting the Tabs? 
Ask Family, Friends, and Neighbours to collect. Put in containers with the "Tabs for Tots" logo with name of Lodge contact person in establishments such as; halls, arenas, businesses, lounges, etc. 

Your Lodge Contact: 
Edmonton Elks Lodge #11 Office: call  780 
454 4918