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The Elks & Royal Purple Fund for Children 

The Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children continues to impact the lives of thousands of Canadians annually. The quality of life that many children, and in some cases whole communities, enjoy can be either directly or partly attributed to projects funded through this national charity. The Fund has been extremely effective in three areas.

  • Personal assistance to individual children with special needs.

  • Developing and supporting ongoing provincial programs across Canada in the area of speech, hearing and communication disorders. Over the years the Elks and Royal Purple Fund For Children has provided over $15 million through ongoing provincial programs, equipment & capital assistance, and personal assistance in this area.

  • Working directly with addictions awareness agencies and experts through the Elks and Royal Purple Addictions Awareness Program to educate children about healthy choices.

Applications for assistance can be made through your local lodge.


The Elks & Royal Purple
Fund for Children

The Elks and Royal Purple of Canada are groups of men and women coast to coast, joined through common bonds of fraternalism and charity. Promotion and support of community needs occurs through volunteer effort of the local lodges.

The National Charity of the Elks and Royal Purple was founded in 1956 as the Elks Purple Cross Fund. In 1998 the name was changed to the Elks and Royal Purple Fund for Children. Through the Fund we are able to reach out and become a local charity to any child in need across the country. This is called our Personal Assistance Program.

The Purpose of the Fund: to provide financial assistance for any purpose whatsoever that is for the good and welfare of a person resident in Canada prior to attaining their 19th birthday.

Money from the Fund may be used to purchase hearing aids, auditory trainers, medicine, crutches, braces, technical aids, books and many other items required by a needy child including transportation or food and lodging for children to be treated or assessed medically in Canada.

Any person may make an application for assistance by contacting their nearest Elks or Royal Purple Lodge.

In addition to personal assistance given to individual children through the Fund, there are other programs. In 1968 the Elks and Royal Purple Deaf detection and Development Program was launched to promote and create the best possible services for the Canadian hearing impaired child.

One out of ten children born in Canada have a speech, hearing or communication disorder. Like many ailments, the sooner a child with a hearing loss can be identified and start appropriate treatment, the better the results. Communication is the vital link between human beings. Deafness often means poor communication, for it is through  listening that we learn to talk. Through our ears we gain most of our information about others and the world around us.


Personal Assistance Program

Developed to help meet the special needs of children up to the age of 19, anywhere in the country, when funds are not available from any other source. Assistance has been granted for a number of purposes including:

  • Camp fees
  • Hearing Aids / FM systems

  • Fires and Disasters

  • Travel

  • TDD/closed caption units

  • Wheelchairs/lifts

  • Home renovations to facilitate improved home care

  • Medical supplies

  • Communication devices

All applications for personal assistance must be sponsored by a Lodge or Provincial Association to be considered by the National Charities Committee.

Please ensure you are using the most recently revised application.

Addictions Awareness Program

A program aimed at assisting local efforts in communities nation wide in preventing addictions and promoting healthy choices by our youth.

The Elks and Royal Purple of Canada work with existing addictions awareness organizations/agencies within their communities. Although we are not experts, we assist the experts in as many ways possible. The addiction problem is overwhelming and no one organization can make a difference alone. Many organizations joining together and pledging their different skills and resources will make a difference.

Operational funding for the program is generated through the Elks MasterCard Program as well as through the general funds of the Charity. In view of the fact that revenue from the affinity card is on the decline, the National Charities Committee is continually seeking new ways to create the required revenue.

Go slowly. To begin, get involved in the Elks and Royal Purple Literary, Poster and Video Contest, which has addictions awareness themes annually. Contest materials are free of charge.

Go into schools and interest teachers and kids. Get your local newspaper to print the winning essays and display the posters at a local store, library or City Hall. The 3rd week of November is Addictions Awareness Week annually a good time to launch a contest or publicize the winners. There are also many provincial activities organized through your local addiction agencies or RCMP.

Look into your own community and find out what's needed by existing organizations and experts in the addictions awareness area. Make calls, write letters, have meetings with the community. Can your Lodge provide free hall space, fundraising or event organizing help, or help distributing addictions awareness information? This is what we mean by assisting any efforts already there. Then decide who you're going to work with. If nothing is already formed, maybe you can help start a community coalition on addictions awareness.

The Elks and Royal Purple Addictions Awareness Program is each Lodge helping in a way that is important to their own community. Get involved and find out what is needed and fill that need

Elks Foundation - www.abelks.org

Probably the most visible aspect of our activity is the community service undertaken by our Lodges.  The Alberta Elks Foundation was formed in 1971 to act as the charitable body to assist member Lodges in their service to Alberta communities and supporting children in need.

We regularly assist sick, needy and underprivileged children: sponsor youth sports and youth service organizations; we equip playgrounds, parks and community centres.  We aid senior citizens, provide equipment for hospitals and furnish hospital wards.  We are founding donours and continuing supporters, providing funding for the Institute for Stuttering and Research - "ISTAR".

In fact, we have undertaken a wise variety of projects designed to meet the many needs of our communities.  For the last 5 years alone the Elks Lodges of Alberta contributed over $1,000,000.00 each year, in assistance of community projects and programs

Istar -  www.istar.ualberta.ca

ISTAR, the Institute for Stuttering Treatment and Research is a self-supporting, non-profit organization that offers specialized treatment to children, teens and adults who stutter. In addition, ISTAR conducts research into stuttering, offer advanced professional training for speech-language pathology students and clinicians, and promote public awareness of stuttering and its treatment.

Tabs for Tots - www.abelks.org

The Elks and Royal Purple Lodges of Alberta started in 1999 a new fund-raising program called "Tabs for Tots".

We are collecting pull tabs from pop cans, juice cans, baby formula cans, and any can that has a pull tab opener. They are selling them to a scrap metal company in Alberta and utilizing the funds to purchase much needed equipment for pediatric wards, neonatal units, delivery rooms, children's ward, etc. in hospitals across Alberta if they so wish to become involved.

We are working together to improve the life of our newborn children who enter this world with problems and conditions that can be easily treated or corrected, early in their lives, with proper equipment.

For more information about how you can become involved, please click here.


Camp He Ho Ha - www.camphehoha.com

Camp He Ho Ha provides recreational opportunities not only for children with disabilities, but also for adults of all ages with every type and degree of disabilities.

Compassion House - www.sorrentinos.com

The Compassion House Foundation was established in 1998 with the vision to build a facility to support women with breast cancer from Northern Alberta during diagnosis, treatment and the early stages of recovery. 

In early 2001, the Key to Compassion Capital Campaign was launched. With the generous support of the Edmonton community, and donors across the province, the facility was under construction by September of that year.

Image result for compassion house

Inner City School Lunch Program - www.teachers.ab.ca

Edmonton's School Lunch Program is 15 years old. Alex Taylor School , one of Edmonton's high-needs elementary schools, provides hot nutritious lunches to students who would otherwise be without a noon meal.  Operated by the Edmonton City Centre Church Corporation (ECCCC) at an annual cost of $1.5 million, the program is funded through donations from such organizations as the United Way of Alberta Capital Region, City of Edmonton and Edmonton & Area Child and Family Services Authority, as well as an anonymous donour.  The idea for the lunch program germinated in 1992 when a group of parents realized that children were going to school hungry and decided to do something about it.  They formed the School Food Action Committee and hired a community advocate to teach them how to lobby for a lunch program and funding to run it.  Edmonton's School Lunch Program started in 1993 with two school and 300 students,  Today, it serves 2,200 students in 14 schools in inner-city and northeast Edmonton.

ZEBRA Child Protection Centre -  www.zebracentre.ca

A multi-agency facility devoted to operating a child-centered model of service delivery allowing for maximum gathering of investigative integrity while minimizing further trauma to victims and their families. Works in partnership with established agencies that deal with child protection matters.

Mazankowski Heart Foundation - www.albertahealthservices.ca


Serving the prairies and the Canadian North, it will provide a full range of heart care services, with a special focus on prevention of heart disease and complex heart care, such as pediatric cardiac surgery and heart transplantation.


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